Skype for Business User Group – Integrated Research It Up

datesThe Skype for Business User Group sessions continue quarterly as normal.  This quarter introduces the Skype community to Integrated Research, often referred to as “IR”.  You’ve seen themIR on twitter, you’ve seen their marketing campaigns, now is your chance to come visit the people behind the scenes. They’ll be presenting their approach to monitoring Skype for Business to keep your environment healthy, which keeps your users happy, which keeps your boss happy, which ensures you keep your job, which keeps your wife happy.  See what I did there?  I gave you a tip on how to keep your life straight.

Now keep in mind IR not only keeps your Skype for Business awesomeness staying awesome, they also watch over legacy systems.  Integrated Research calls this “Support for Multiple Vendor Platforms”, I like to call it “we also watch really old legacy telephony systems.”.  Common systems of which i’m referring that may be currently in your environment and you are probably desperately trying to rip out due to inflated support contracts would be <Insert Vendor Here>.  Yup, any of those.

As normal, the group organizers will also be presenting.  Their sessions are reviewing the all new Skype for Business Qualified Devices and the typical open forums, time permitting.  So pick a group from the link above and come hang out for a few hours, learn about the future, since the future is now and make your life easier.

Skype for Business User Group – Integrated Research It Up

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