Welcoming all readers.

My personal OCS/Lync/Skype for Business blog has actually been around for about 7 years, but just recently I decided to remove all old content, resurrect the site and hope to start adding in new content.  For the last few years I worked for a company where I spent my time blogging on their site rather than my personal site but that is going to change.

Keep in mind as you visit this blog that my target audience is not other consultants but rather decision makers and system administrators of companies moving to, or currently administering the Skype for Business Unified Communications System.  I say that because most of my peers in the industry have already posted outstanding, technical oriented blogs, detailing how to deploy/fix every nook and cranny of Lync/S4B.

Some of my content may have already been written 3 or 4 years ago, but has since found it’s way to the bottom of the search results.  Not everyone moved to Lync Server 2010/2013 right out of the gates so they may never see that old content unless they really begin to dig into the depths of the inter-webs.  My goal is to help resurrect some of the basics of Skype for Business and offer deep understanding of some area’s with my own content.  I will also be linking to other bloggers I know to resurface some of their material as well.  Skype for Business has a great community who share their stories generously so I plan to leverage that as well.

Welcoming all readers.

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